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We offer professional body piercing by Craig, who has been trained by “Dr Evil” Mac McCarthy and has a passion for body piercing & quality jewellery. Our aim is to bring you the most pleasant and good quality service, with a high standard of hygiene, so you’re left with the best piercing experience possible.


Our promise is to keep your health our priority, so our cleanliness & hygiene is to the best standard. Your piercing will be carried out in a clean & friendly environment so you can undergo your procedure with ease. A new needle is used every time, without fail and where possible all equipment is disposable or individually sterilized.


We only offer good quality jewellery here at the Ink Shack as we care about what goes in your body and you should too. All jewellery is ASTM F136 surgical implant-grade titanium as standard, which means no nickel allergies and gives you the best chance of healing correctly. Also our jewellery is internally threaded and not externally threaded which is more safe for you and your piercing. Good quality jewellery is essential for a well healed piercing that will last & your body will love you a lot more for it too!


We offer an upgrade option with most initial piercings which can really bring out the beauty in your new piercing. These upgrades feature 14ct & 18ct Solid Yellow, Rose & White Gold, Genuine Swarovski Zirconia Crystals, CZ (cubic zirconia) Crystals, Cabochon Opals, Natural Stones & more, all in different sizes & colours on display in the studio for you to have a look at. These upgrade attachments can be used for initial piercings or to upgrade your old piercings & will attach to pretty much any piercing on your body (aslong as it’s internally threaded), so the possibilities are endless.


We offer an anodizing service where we can change the colour of your titanium jewellery to pretty much any colour you desire. We have a colour chart up on display at the studio so you can simply pick what colour you would like. This service can be used on jewellery for both initial & healed piercings.


Aftercare is one of the most important steps to follow to achieving that well healed piercing & here at The Ink Shack we advise you to the best of our professional knowledge and will continue to assist you with any questions or help as a life-time guarantee. Once the procedure has taken place, our body piercer Craig will explain and run-through all the aftercare knowledge you will need to look after your new piercing till it’s healed. You will receive both verbal and written advice on the specific piercing you have had done, so you leave the studio with the best understanding and knowledge.

Age Restrictions

You must be 16 years of age or over to undergo any above the waist piercing (excluding nipple) and requires photo I.D if you look under the age of 18. Anyone under the age of 16 must bring their parent/guardian with them on the day and have them authorise & fill in the consent form on their behalf.

You must be 18 years of age or over to undergo any nipple/genital piercing and requires photo I.D if you look under 21.

We don’t pierce new born baby’s ears, you must be 5 years of age or over for ear piercings and have your parent/guardian with you on the day.

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Opening Times

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 10am – 5pm
Wednesday: 10am – 5pm
Thursday: 10am – 5pm
Friday: 10am – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: Off


You can contact our body piercer Craig directly on a few platforms if you need any assistance or to ask any questions:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/beaumontbodypiercing
Instagram – www.instagram.com/beaumontbodypiercing
Email – beaumontbodypiercing@hotmail.com

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